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Mineroof Engineering and Supplies is in the business of supplying mechanised tunneling and underground mining equipment, range of equipment in surface mining, all drilling tools and consumables and all support requirements in terms of expertise and spares plus tooling and very competitive cost-effective solution.

Vertical Shaft Drilling Equipment

Loading And Hauling Equipment

Hydraulic Face Drilling Equipment

Mineroof offers the SJZ and YSJZ series vertical shaft drills for drilling of blastholes for construction of vertical shafts. It suits a wide range of shaft diameters, and features of flexible operation, precise positioning and reliable safety.

Mineroof supplies the MWY6/0.3 electrical mini excavator. This hydraulic excavator is Huatai Machinery self-researched, developed and manufactured for underground loading and clearing application.

Mineroof supplies a variety of hydraulic trackless face drilling machines for tunnelling and underground mining. We offer a range of equipment designed to suit different tunnel sizes and engineering applications.

Mineroof also supplies a variety of hydraulic bolting equipment designed for various roof bolting applications underground. Key among them is the HT 92 hydraulic bolting jumbo designed specifically for low mining heights underground.

Mineroof also supplies a variety of underground mechanised scaling jumbos for the removal of loose rockafter blasting in underground metal mines or other tunnelling applications.

Mineroof engineering is a competitive supplier of underground trackless equipment tyres of different ranges and sizes for all mine wide operations, surface equipment and heavy to light duty construction equipment.

Tyres & Mining Tools

Underground Scalers

Bolting Equipment

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